The Importance of Regular Contact Lens

Contact lenses are an opt-out-of-the-box solution and the most popular choice for correcting vision patients as compared to spectacles. The significance of eye care is underlined by the fact that whereas eyeglasses are just like a pair of glasses that sits on your nose bridge, contact lenses are perched on your eyes meaning that eye health and frequent examinations have to be prioritized as the only way of ensuring eye health. This article underlines the role of contact lens eye exam, things that are ascertained during the exam, and how often it is prudent to attend the exams.

Why Regular Contact Lens Exams Matter

Regular contact lens exams are essential for several reasons:

Maintaining Healthy Eyes

Lenses carry a risk of capturing dust particles, debris, and allergens which may result in eye infection symptoms or irritation. The periodic exams enable your doctor to evaluate the condition of the cornea, and the clear top layer of your eye, and identify and address problems before the development stage.

Ensuring Proper Fit 

Due to this fact, your prescription or any other aspect of your eye might get altered in the future. Routine exams guarantee that your contact lens remains within the fitting rules and give you great vision correction with no or minimum irritation.

Monitoring Eye Health

Contact lens exams are not just conducted for the lens, they can also present an opportunity for the eye doctor to be on the lookout for underlying problems among which are; glaucoma, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration. Timely diagnosis and treatment likely make a lot of improvement in your future ocular condition.

How Often Should You Schedule Contact Lens Exams?

The way you will be seeing your ophthalmologist again is influenced by many aspects like your age and the general health of your eyes among other things including the kind of lenses you are using. In general, most eye care specialists recommend to people who wear contact lenses an annual check-up, even if they do not have any complaints about the eyes.

Beyond Contact Lenses: Minimally Invasive Spinal Deformity Surgery

Although regular check-ups are of utmost importance for achieving healthy vision, it should be also stated that those entirely cannot substitute for complete medical attention. Spine deformity can be treated based on individual requirements and minimally invasive surgery is one alternative approach to address the problem. This is a specialized issue and here; a medical physician’s consultancy is vital in picking out the right course of treatment and minimally invasive spinal deformity surgery.


On the other hand, lens contact is less burdensome when it comes to having clear vision, but we must not overlook proper eye care. Making appointments for contact clinic exams keeps the health of your eyes, and often an eye doctor has noticed you have a couple of warning signs. Just by keeping up with scheduled eye exams, using your doctor’s recommended practices and guidelines, and you can avoid any possible discomfort and keep your wonderful gift with you all the time.

By Andrew Parker

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