Conroe Independent School District

CONROE ISD covers 348 square miles in Montgomery County, Texas and features 65 campuses.

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CISD offers scholarships to teaching students who want to pursue a career in education. Furthermore, teachers receive professional development support so they can deliver optimal instruction to their students.

About Us

Conroe ISD SSO stands out as an exceptional school district by offering many specialized programs. Their Bilingual Program aides English Language Learners while the GT/Advanced Academic program places those demonstrating leadership, critical thinking, and intellectual abilities into classes designed to maximize their potential.

Conroe is a vibrant community. Lake Conroe was created, drawing in lumber and petrochemical companies and contributing to its expansion. Furthermore, The Woodlands development and the presence of a high school have brought new residents.

The school district boasts a higher proportion of white teachers and students than the state average, ranking fourth among Houston school districts by Niche. You can learn more by visiting their website.


Conroe ISD stands out as one of the highest performing districts in Texas and was honored with five stars by TXSmartSchools for both academic achievement and cost-efficient operations. Additionally, Conroe is also one of the largest Montgomery County districts spanning 348 square miles.

Conroe ISD provides both rigorous academic courses and more informal activities, like sports or Destination Imagination programs for students seeking a challenge in learning.

Conroe ISD is well known for its reading initiative and students’ success in academic competitions like Conroe High’s Fierce Diamonds step performances. Both general and academic performance data for each campus can be found on its website.


Conroe ISD gives students the chance to participate in various athletic disciplines, such as football, soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, golf and cheer. Woodforest Bank Stadium in Shenandoah serves as home base for Conroe ISD’s football and soccer programs.

District’s schools are well-renowned for their outstanding academic performance as well as extracurricular activities such as school reading initiatives to foster an appreciation of literature and regional DI completion. Their scores also outstrip state averages in standardized tests such as TAKS and SATs.

Student demographics for this Texas school district include a higher percentage of white students and teachers than the state average, along with smaller proportions of Hispanic and African American pupils. Discover more by viewing its Texas district detail page.

Fine Arts

Conroe ISD gives students an exciting musical and arts experience from classroom to stage. This district features two community theater groups, a symphony orchestra and art league as well as festivals that attract top performing artists.

Students enrolled in K-5 classes are provided with access to visual and music arts classes at each campus, taught by certified, degreed music and art instructors.

Each discipline complies with the Texas Education Agency curriculum and addresses four standards, namely Perception, Creative Expression and Performance, Historical and Cultural Heritage as well as Critical Response and Evaluation.

Conroe ISD was recently honored by TAEA with their award of distinction in visual arts education, fulfilling an intensive 14-point rubric for this designation. Additionally, Conroe ISD provides support for art professionals through an impressive professional development program and higher salaries.

Extracurricular Activities

Conroe ISD has implemented programs tailored to each student’s educational needs. Their Bilingual/EL Program adheres to the Dual Language model by offering dual language education in both English and Spanish for its participants, while their GT/Advanced Academic Program places gifted learners in classes that will challenge them to reach their full potential.

The district is well known for their above average TEA STAAR scores and impressive academic performance across campuses, earning them fourth in Houston’s Best School Districts Ranking and ninth in Texas overall.

Animation Club, Career Success Club, Economics Job Shadow and Personal Finance are just a few of the activities and clubs they provide, as well as scholarships to graduating students seeking teaching careers – these scholarships cover tuition costs as well as books.

By Cary Grant

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