Fort Bend Independent School District

Fort Bend ISD offers innovative programming options for students at all school levels, with several academies creating small learning communities with career based objectives.

The District’s Whole Child Initiative focuses on supporting and nurturing students’ behavioral, social emotional and mental wellbeing as they thrive and find motivation. Our holistic approach helps ensure our young learners are equipped to thrive and feel inspired.


Students receive an excellent academic foundation from teachers who place special attention on meeting each child’s individual needs, while learning critical and creative thinking through various learning opportunities – including fine arts classes.

Students looking for higher education can benefit from enrolling in Early College High School program, which provides a unique blend of high school and college coursework that grants up to 60 hours or two years of tuition-free college credit, in addition to receiving their high school diploma. Furthermore, two Pathways in Technology programs provide several career pathways.

Students applying to academy programs within FBISD Skyward boundaries must be in 5th or 8th grades, living within its boundaries. Before beginning an application process it is advised that the applicant verify his/her contact information in Skyward is up-to-date before beginning. FBISD offers several academy options for 8th graders each of which has its own application process.

Career and Technical Education

CTE (Career and Technical Education) is a high school program that provides rigorous academic instruction combined with hands-on industry experiences. Through CTE students can acquire essential workplace skills while creating a plan for future success both within traditional industries as well as emerging ones.

Today’s Career and Technical Education programs differ greatly from vocational schools of decades past in that they cover much more than woodshop and auto repair classes alone. Their career and technical education paths span across health sciences, computer science, sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship, theater arts production, culinary arts and beyond – offering something for all kinds of educational interests and disciplines.

Studies dispel any myths surrounding career-tech education (CTE). Students enrolled in rigorous CTE classes are more likely to graduate high school and enroll in college, and have greater post-college earnings potential compared with those who don’t participate.

Student Recruitment

Fort Bend ISD is located in one of the fastest-growing counties in America, drawing families from all corners to our area due to our reputation for offering quality education and opportunities for their children.

The District offers creative programming options at all school levels. One such example is Early College High School (ECHS). This innovative hybrid of high school and college coursework enables students to earn up to 60 hours or two years worth of tuition-free college credit while still receiving their high school diploma.

Fine Arts programs provide students with a broad education in visual and performing arts. Offerings span art, band, choir, orchestra, dance theatre music at both elementary and secondary levels.

The Athletics Department seeks to instill in student athletes responsibility, values, sportsmanship and teamwork through athletic participation so that they may achieve futures beyond what is imaginable. We are fortunate to have an exceptional group of coaches and athletes working diligently each day on behalf of student athletes.

Extended Day

District Extended Day programs provide full-day programming during spring break for kindergarten through fifth-grade students enrolled. This year’s EDP theme will center around water conservation, natural and manmade disasters and working at an oil company responsible for cleaning up an oil spill.

Parents are strongly advised to enroll their children for this program through EZChildTrack by the deadline; registration costs $50 and can be paid either via credit or debit.

Parents should ensure their contact information for their child(ren) is updated in BlackBoard Connect so they may receive communication updates from Mrs. Kargbo in case of weather-related dismissals or changes to the regular schedule. Child Nutrition will offer Grab and Go meals during any pivot to online learning at Extended Day schools.

By Cary Grant

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