Three New Schools Open in Fort Bend ISD

Students across Fort Bend ISD have returned to class, including three new schools that opened as part of a bond approved by voters.

Skyward FBISD recognizes and addresses the holistic wellbeing of its students, including academic, behavioral and social emotional health. Studies show this approach leads to enhanced student learning and achievement.

How will this impact local school districts? The Texas legislature concluded its 88th legislative session without taking action on teacher pay.

School Choice

School choice, whether through vouchers, tax credits or other means, has long been recognized as a way to increase educational opportunity and access. Reliable evaluations demonstrate this benefit and how student performance often improves while parental satisfaction also rises significantly at choice schools.

Choice students help address enrollment fluctuations and budgetary pressures by filling empty seats that otherwise go unused, and can also bring unique perspectives into classrooms – particularly important in small districts with high racial concentrations.

Stafford residents have made clear their desire for direct input on decisions affecting the education of their children and spending of tax money. Unfortunately, operation of SMSD will not improve educational opportunities available to Stafford students and could even impede on an ongoing desegregation effort; furthermore it could interfere with FBISD plans for construction of new buildings or modifications of attendance zones.

Student Recruitment

Recruitment of students is an ongoing process that requires an in-depth knowledge of your institution’s goals. Your recruitment strategy should focus on key enrollment indicators that align with the university brand.

Engaging prospective students early is key to securing their enrollment. You can do this by asking them to complete surveys, attend online or physical open houses and collecting their contact details; once collected these leads can then be followed up on using targeted social media retargeting.

student ambassadors can be an effective way to reach prospective students. Student ambassadors can create authentic content that conveys how the program will help their future careers, which can then be shared via daily news articles, social media posts and videos. Furthermore, it’s crucial that different communication channels such as emailing texting and calling are utilized depending on which demographic is being addressed – this includes emails text messaging and phone calls as appropriate forms of outreach.

Extended Day

Extended Day programs located on school campuses offer before and after-school care as well as some care on teacher planning days and during intersession periods when sufficient interest exists. All children are welcome at these free programs that feature activities such as academic assistance, peer-to-peer interaction and enrichment activities.

Studies demonstrate that students perform best when their physical, social and emotional needs are fulfilled – which explains why FBISD’s holistic approach to student development has earned national and state accolades.

The seven-member Board of Trustees serves as the policymaking body for the District, overseeing curriculum, school taxes and annual budget, employment of superintendent and professional staff as well as facilities. Meetings typically occur every other Monday of each month with exception for COVID-19 pandemic weeks when special meetings may be convened to address Audience Items portion of meetings. If you would like to address them during Audience Items section please follow normal procedures for submitting an Address the Board form.

Career and Technical Education

Career and technical education (CTE) offers many students a way to develop lifelong skills that will assist in reaching their full potential.

CTE (Career and Technical Education) refers to an umbrella of academic and practical instruction available in middle schools, secondary schools and postsecondary institutions that provides training in specific careers or academic disciplines such as agriculture and natural resources; business management and finance; construction trades and trades education; family & consumer sciences studies or information technology.

At its best, CTE provides an ideal pathway for higher education learners to adapt to evolving learning modalities and environments while opening doors to exciting careers. However, some critics view CTE as an alternative to college and suggest it stigmatizes low-income students or those not pursuing four-year degrees after graduation. Studies demonstrate otherwise; CTE students tend to outperform traditional academic settings. Furthermore, no evidence suggests CTE programs are more harmful than any other educational programs.

By Cary Grant

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