Best maintenance plugins for WordPress

If you own a website, you know that it is not always going to work perfectly and sometimes it is going to need repairing or upgrading. The problem is not laying in having to fix your page but in your page being unavailable for website visitors. To solve that problem, you can just put up a maintenance page. WordPress has come out with a few maintenance plugins to help you put up the best maintenance page for your website and I am going to present you with the best three options! 

WP Maintenance


free version: Maintenance – WordPress plugin |

pro version: WP Maintenance – Best Maintenance mode plugin for WordPress (

WP Maintenance is the first maintenance plugin that I am going to present to you and it is pulling you in off the bat because it offers free and PRO versions so everyone can afford them. With WP Maintenance you get a chance to put up a temporary page to close the site for maintenance but not only that but you get a ton of features included in both free and PRO versions. The free version offers you a full-screen background with a blur effect, a chance to customize so you can make your own logo, headline, text, and title, plus an admin bar status and a user login on the frontend. On the other hand, the PRO version offers you simplicity and efficiency for saving time and effort, 20+ pre-made themes that you can choose from, and an SEO setup.


link: UnderConstructionPage – free WordPress plugin

The second plugin is self-explainable, as the name says, UnderConstructionPage is offering you under construction, coming soon, sales, or landing pages. Just like the previous plugin, this one is also coming with 320+ templates to choose from that are coming out weekly and a chance to fully customize them using a drag-and-drop builder. Not only this, but it also offers you 3.7+ Premium images to choose from for your page in HD and 4K resolution. To sum it all up, UCP is simple and effective with endless possibilities!

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode 

link: Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin for WordPress (

The third plugin is pulling you in as soon as you open its’ front page. They tell you right away they are going to deliver you fast results and not waste your time. This one also says everything in its’ name, this plugin is offering you coming soon pages. You will get 170+ themes and 2 million+ images to choose from to fully customize your site. All of this comes with an awesome SEO setup and a Secret Access Link feature for clients. 

After describing the best three maintenance plugins for WP, now it is your turn to choose which one you want. You cannot go wrong with either one of them because they are all coming with amazing features to fit any problems you need to solve while making your maintenance pages.  

By Cary Grant

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