Title: The Digital Age of Wills: Tools Shaking Up Estate Planning

Wills are traditionally considered to be paper documents that used to require a trip to the attorney’s office. They can now be created from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the magic of the internet. 

Convenience at Your Fingertips:

Convenience is the name of the game: Online wills mean that you no longer have to schedule appointments, sit in a stuffy office, or shell out big bucks to an attorney. Instead, you can create your Will from the comfort of your couch, in your pajamas, with just a few clicks of a button. 

  1. Affordability for All:

Did we mention that doing online Wills is cheaper than going through a lawyer? Online Wills are typically a fraction of the cost of traditional attorney-drafted wills. That means you can protect your assets and provide for your loved ones without breaking the bank. FormalWill, for instance, offers Wills that start at the low price of $79.00.

  1. Customization Made Easy:

Customization is the key. Online Wills allow you the flexibility to tailor your document to your unique circumstances. Want to leave your prized comic book collection to your best friend? You can do it all with just a few clicks.

  1. Accessibility for All Ages:

Online Wills aren’t just for tech-savvy millennials; they’re for everyone. Whether you’re a digital native or a seasoned pro, online platforms are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone. These platforms are mostly designed to be user-friendly. So, no more excuses – get your affairs in order!

  1. Peace of Mind, Guaranteed:

Creating a Will can appear to be daunting and feel overwhelming, but online platforms make it a breeze. These online sites make the process user-friendly, and some include step-by-step guides, helpful resources, and customer support at your fingertips. 

  1. Security You Can Trust:

But what about security, you ask? You bank online, don’t you? So why can’t you trust online platforms to take the same privacy and security precautions as the others? With robust encryption measures and secure servers, your personal information and sensitive documents are protected from prying eyes and cyber threats. Just do your research. 

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere:

Life doesn’t stop just because you’re planning for the future. This is why online Wills are accessible anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re on vacation, traveling for work, or just lounging at home, you can create, update, or access your Will from any device with an internet connection. It’s convenient on-the-go!

  1. Sustainable Solutions:

Last but not least, let’s talk about sustainability. Online Wills are environmentally friendly: ditch the paper and go digital. Online wills are good for your wallet but also for the environment. No need for stacks of paper, ink cartridges, and filing cabinets – with online wills, everything is stored securely in the cloud. That way, you can reduce waste and save trees.

Online tools can protect your assets, your loved ones, and ensure that your wishes are carried out. This is all done from the comfort of your own home. So why wait? Join the digital age of estate planning.

By Cary Grant

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