Best Alternative Mortgage Lenders You’ve Never Heard Of

Getting a mortgage with conventional methods can be a struggle for people with bad credit scores. Big banks ask for strict terms and eligibility criteria to allow people to get home loans and loan financing. An economic crunch can put people in a tight spot where the minimum mortgage qualification threshold is amped. 

In this situation, alternative mortgage lenders are an excellent option to get a loan for emergencies or other expenses. However, finding a trustworthy lender can be a challenge. The market is saturated with lenders that easily accept your eligibility but have high-interest rates and lengthy hidden charges. 

To eradicate this struggle, we have come up with a list of high-quality alternative mortgage lenders. They provide optimum services, and you can read their details below. 

One of Canada’s top-notch loan-providing services is They are the most efficient alternative mortgage lenders offering application approval within 24 hours. Unlike most banks and financial institutes, they have a quick online application and form-filling process. 

Even with a bad credit score, they offer immediate funds with your house as collateral. TurnedAway.CA provides its customers with bad credit history, the facility of HELOC, and interest-only mortgages. 

This platform is viable for all borrowers turned away by bad because of strict terms and eligibility criteria. They ensure a provision of flexible terms with minimum penalties on late or missed payments. This makes this service ideal for people in a financial crunch. 


Another top-rated alternate mortgage lender with a pre-approved loan before purchase is PennyMac. This platform favors people who have exhausted all options to receive an immediate loan. 

They offer lower interest rates and pre-defined terms and conditions. You can easily communicate with their customer service anytime. By filling out an online form and with quick approval, you can quickly say goodbye to your economic worries. 

With a transparent system of working, brings its consumers the flexibility to achieve homeownership. They provide quick approvals and no such high-interest rates that make it hard to repay the loan. Their customer support team works like a charm to cater to your needs instantly.

They ensure high-quality service with no complaints from users. The experts go through loan applications quickly, and your chances of approval are high even with a poor credit history. 

WaterMark Home Loans 

Another alternative mortgage lender that listens to non-loan-eligible users’ needs is WaterMark Home Loans.  With their trusted platform, they provide a variety of loans according to your requirements, such as HELOC and non-QM loans, etc. 

Users can easily pick whichever loan suits their needs with online provisions and details. Apart from this, their site provides regular updates regarding processing applied loans. This increases customer compliance and enhances user experience. 

Carrington Mortgage Services

For first-time home buyers and credit-wise challenged borrowers. Carrington Mortgage Services work as the most suitable alternative mortgage lender. You can quickly scan the rates of different loans offered through their site. 

There are multiple low-down-payment loan programs available on this platform. The experts on the forum also provide customized rates for its consumers for maximum support. They also accept alternative credit data for application approval, such as bank statements. 


When major banks do not provide mortgage support due to financial constraints, alternative mortgage lenders come into play. Because of having quick provision of cash and comparatively low-interest rates, these lenders have gained hype. 

TurnedAway.CA and are futuristic and user-friendly with their terms and rates. They benefit the borrowers in maximum ways by approving applications faster. We hope this list helps you evaluate the best alternative mortgage lenders according to your convenience. 

By Cary Grant

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