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In the past few years, many Germans who lost their licence in Germany because of a crime or a fine could get it back in Poland. People often talk about driving licence tourism to Poland in this setting. It’s important to note that getting a driving licence in Poland is mainly done to get around the MPU in Germany, not because it’s cheaper than in Germany (the so-called “idiot test”). Now you can fuhrerschein kaufen easily.

Understanding Polish driver’s license

Concerning the legal basis, it should be said that a person who wants to get a driver’s licence must live in the Republic of Poland for at least 185 days per year and show ties to the country.

In many driving schools, people only sign up and then tell the Polish government they are staying because they have a relationship with a Polish citizen. In many cases, this proves that they know the person in question, which is how the Polish authorities try to make the reason sound reasonable.

It should be made clear that this is a bad thing to do. Getting registered in Poland isn’t enough; you must also stay there. In the past, this has not always been seen as valid.

Another problem was that many German driving school students in Poland signed up with the same person, making their stay in Poland seem less real.

All about residence in Poland to know about

Another problem with the 185-day registration in Poland is that if you were only registered for 185 days once, the Polish government would no longer give you a Polish driver’s licence.

The Polish driver’s licence office now wants you to be registered both before and after you get your licence, such as when you bring your licence back to Poland. A problem arises when the Polish document (the driver’s licence) is lost.

Driving test and driving lessons in Poland

Also, it’s a problem that many driving schools give wrong information about the practical driving lessons that need to be taken.

So that the German students didn’t have to stay in Poland for too long, they often started driving lessons right away, even though the theory part should have come first. Then, the Polish government was given a different time for the driving lessons.

Using a Polish driving license in Germany

But if the licence was legally obtained in Poland and the Polish authorities know why it was taken away in Germany, it is usually possible to use the Polish licence in Germany.

Driving in Germany with a licence from Poland is now against the law. But the new rules of the law must be followed. In Germany, you can drive with an old licence, even if it doesn’t have an MPU.

This also applies to licences that have already been gotten. Still, it’s essential to know that the Polish driving licence authorities are now checking more closely on registrations made in Poland and asking for extracts from the Federal Motor Transport Authority’s register.

But it’s also important to note that there are still different administrative law decisions. Some federal states make driving very hard with a Polish driver’s licence. The person who wants to get a German driver’s licence in Poland should know all this and learn more from the driving school ahead of time.

Also, because of what was said above about driving schools in Poland, the Polish public prosecutor’s office has searched German-Polish driving schools in the Szczecin area several times in the past few months. Several papers were taken away.

At this point, one must assume that this happened in the administrative assistance procedure for the German public prosecutor’s office, for which getting a driver’s licence in Poland to avoid the MPU is a “thorn in the side.”

So, it would be imperative to ensure that the requirements for getting a driver’s licence in Poland and getting a Polish driver’s licence in Poland are met (keyword: maintaining the registration).

When can I expect to receive my driver’s licence?

If you consistently participate in both the driving sessions and the theoretical classes, it can take anywhere from three to five months to receive your driver’s licence.

Thus, it is not necessary to register for your driver’s licence any earlier than six months before your birthday if you want to have it in time for your birthday.

If you must first trade in your previous driver’s licence for an EU driver’s licence, you should see around six weeks processing time when making your travel plans.

After that, you can go to the office that issues driver’s licences to get your driver’s licence card. And then you can apply for an international driver’s licence and bring that along with you.

Related questions: FAQs

  • Can I get a licence even if I didn’t go to driving school?

No, you can’t get a driving license without going to a driving school.

  • What happens if I drive without a licence?

This is called “driving without a licence,” a crime. For this, you could get a fine or go to jail.


If you have any questions about this or want to make sure that you can get a driver’s licence in Poland or that you already have a Polish driver’s licence, we will be happy to help and guide you!

By Cary Grant

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