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The best Eevee advancement to choose in Pokemon Go is Umbreon, as it’s a PvP champ that really excels in the Great League and also the Ultra Organization. It has fantastic Protection, making it the tankiest Eeveelution here.

Of course, deciding the ‘finest’ Eeveelution additionally depends on how you mean to use it. If you need a budget Dragon-slayer, for example, then Sylveon will certainly be a much better choice than Umbreon thanks to its Fairy typing.

And also, as constantly, there’s an element of individual preference to consider! Some players love charming Pokemon, so they’ll always go for Sylveon, while others prefer an intimidating-looking creature like Jolteon or Flareon.

Below, we’ve ranked every one of the Eevee evolutions from best to worst based on their overall efficiency.

All Eeveelutions ranked from finest to worst

1. Umbreon

Umbreon has actually long been considered the best Eevee development in Pokemon Go, which’s still the case thanks to great mass and some powerful steps that make it among the best Dark-types across the video game.

Of all the Eeveelutions, it has the very best PvP potential in both the Great Organization and also the Ultra League, especially with the new Level 50 cap which permits it to get to a max CP of 2445 with some harmful stats.

2. Sylveon

While it loses out to Umbreon in the Great League and Ultra Organization, Sylveon gets to radiate in the Master League, which is dominated by Dragon-types that this Fairy-type Eeveelution will certainly just enjoy to take out.

If you have actually got accessibility to a strong Togekiss or Gardevoir, those will constantly be better Fairy-type options, however Sylveon fulfills the role of being a less expensive substitute that can carry out very well in the appropriate scenario.

3. Vaporeon

Vaporeon utilized to be a champion in Pokemon Go, however it’s considering that been outplayed. While it will certainly never ever be as strong as a leveled-up Kyogre or Gyarados, it’s still an exceptional Water-type for your team if you do not have accessibility to those.

With a decent bulk and a high max CP, this Eevee advancement really carries out pretty well in PvE as one of the strongest (and cheapest) Water-types, especially if you can not pay for the a lot more pricey or rare standouts.

4. Glaceon

Ice-types are unusual in Pokemon Go, so while Glaceon could not be the very best, it’s worth obtaining one simply to ensure you have a semi-decent Ice-type under your belt– although if you’ve obtained a Mamoswine, concentrate on that instead.

Due to the fact that Ice-types are proficient at taking Dragons down, you’ll possibly find Glaceon most useful for beating the effective Dragon-types that typically defend Health clubs, but it additionally has some prospective in the Master League.

5. Leafeon

As with many Eeveelutions, there are far better grass alternatives than Leafeon available, like Tangrowth as well as Roserade. It’s still among the leading non-Legendary Grass-types, however, as well as has strong Attack and also Protection statistics.

Leafeon also reveals prospective in the Master League, where it can remove any Pokemon with a weakness to Grass-type relocations. It will not last lengthy against many various other challengers, though, so certainly do not rely on it.

6. Jolteon

While Jolteon isn’t the most awful of the Eevee evolutions, it still does not load adequate power or specific niche to really make any waves throughout either the PvP or PvE meta in Pokemon Go

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If you’re adamant regarding Jolteon, however, it’s best to save it for PvE. Here, it can be a budget plan Electric-type choice if you do not have accessibility to any kind of Legendaries or high-tier normal choices like Magnezone or Electivire.

7. Espeon

Despite having the highest Strike stat of all Eeveelutions, Espeon does not actually obtain a chance to reveal it off. When it involves PvP in the Go Battle League, for instance, it’s basically worthless throughout all three major Leagues.

Where Espeon does show pledge, though, is in PvE, where it can be a fantastic Battling as well as Poison-type counter if you’re doing not have in other, a lot more effective Psychic-type options like Mewtwo or Metagross.

8. Flareon

Unless you have a soft spot for the Fire-type Eeveelution, or you simply intend to finish your collection, it’s best to prevent Flareon. It has no use in PvP as well as is outplayed when it involves Raids as well as Gyms.

It’s not dreadful by any means, however when there are so many non-Legendary Fire-types to choose from that can do far better like Charizard, Darmanitan, and also Arcanine, your resources are best invested somewhere else.

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