Best Jackie Chan Movies

All over the world in 80 Days (Netflix).

Chan moves right into the sidekick role below opposite Steve Coogan, and while the motion picture is geared towards the kids it still takes care of to discover some enjoyable in his battles, stunts, as well as various other physical shenanigans.

Chinese Zodiac (Netflix).

Armour of God and also Operation Condor are both remarkably fun action/adventures casting Chan in an exaggerated Indiana Jones mold and mildew, and also while his past due go back to the personality 21 years later on pales beside them– an over-reliance on cg is the most significant wrongdoer– there are a couple beats that discover some small delights.

Eagle Shadow Hand ( Prime).

Also Known As Hand of Temper, Chan has a small duty as one of a number of Chinese employees having a hard time to stand up to Japanese policy, and there’s not actually much reason to watch this one.

Brave Hyena (Amazon Prime).

An easy plot– Chan plays a punk kid that enjoys to combat and also finally gets an excellent excuse when his grandfather’s killed– gets an easy execution.

Hand of Fatality (Amazon Prime).

Also Known As Shao Lin Men, Chan’s part of a set below (that additionally includes a buck-toothed Sammo Hung), yet little bit sticks out.

Heart of the Dragon (Amazon Prime).

The rotund but unbelievably nimble Sammo Hung guides and co-stars as Chan’s mentally-challenged sibling in a remarkable story of honor and also brotherly bonds that obtains more significant than he’s utilized to while still providing a great deal of kick-ass battle scenes as well as feats.

Kung Fu Panda (Netflix) & Martial Art Panda 3 (Netflix).

I have not seen either of these animated hits, and I don’t know if part two is needed to comply with along, however Chan probably earned money well for articulating the ape.

Kung Fu Yoga (Netflix).

The second of Chan’s 3 live-action launches this year is the weakest amongst them– like Chinese Zodiac it’s hobbled by cg shenanigans– yet if absolutely nothing else it deserves a look for the huge Bollywood-inspired dance number at the end.

The Legend of Drunken Master (Netflix).

Chan’s 1978 film, Drunken Master, is a fun, scrappy little activity flick, yet this review with the exact same character is a bigger and far better experience all over leading up to a legendary 3rd act quarrel that sees Chan tackling numerous baddies, being set on fire, and much more.

Master With Split Fingers ( Prime).

Aka Snake Fist Competitor, Chan’s initial lead role sees him as a young man whose secret fight lessons repay when his uncle’s company is endangered.

The Medallion (Hulu).

The unusual Chan bomb, even worldwide, this is a small action/comedy that’s mild on both the activity and funny.

My Lucky Stars ( Prime).

Chan takes a supporting function below alongside constant partners Yeun Biao as well as Sammo Hung, yet the movie’s no much less enjoyable or action-packed for it.

New Clenched Fist of Fury (Amazon Prime).

Those annoying Japanese invaders go to it once more requiring Chan to step up his video game as a trainee at a martial arts institution in Taiwan when the inhabiting power starts acting rudely.

Police Tale: Lockdown (Netflix).

The 6th movie in the loosely gathered Police Tale franchise business (just the very first 2 are really associated) continues in the severe vein of its predecessor, New Cops Story, yet it’s quickly the driest of the franchise business.

The Prisoner ( Prime).

Also Known As Island of Fire, Chan appears in a sustaining duty as a professional billiards gamer that winds up behind bars in this tale of corrupt authorities as well as a malevolent Andy Lau.

Task A (Hulu).

Chan takes on pirates in old Hong Kong in this madcap blast of battles as well as amazing set-pieces consisting of one heck of a nod to the wonderful Harold Lloyd.

Railroad Tigers (Netflix).

This one appeared last year, yet while it features some expected cg it delivers plenty of big, enjoyable action sequences established aboard a moving train.

Roar in Hong Kong ( Prime).

Also Known As Police Woman, Chan plays an extremely uncommon baddie below while Qiu Yuen kicks butt as the woman cop.

Heavy Traffic 2 ( Prime).

It’s a little as well dependent on duplicating jokes/gags from the initial, yet chuckles, action, as well as the addition of Maggie Q as well as Ziyi Yang make it excusable.

Shaolin (Hulu).

Chan brings wit as well as knowledge in his supporting turn alongside Andy Lau’s vicious military leader who loses it all to a stroke of genius before discovering redemption along with an order of monks.

Skiptrace (Netflix).

Pairing Chan with Johnny Knoxville probably looked great theoretically– to a person– but while completion outcome includes some beautiful landscapes neither the funny nor the action find much success.

The Spy Next Door (Hulu, Prime).

Vin Diesel has The Pacifier, Dwayne Johnson has The Tooth Fairy, as well as Chan has this tale of a not likely babysitter.

The Young Master ( Prime).

Chan’s part of a Chinese Dragon performance troupe, yet when he ruins he’s sent away on a trip of tough lessons and also harder hits.

Amazon Video offers another 32 Chan movies for rental fee or acquisition, and also unsurprisingly that’s where you’ll find a number of his finest consisting of:.

Armour of God.

The very first Eastern Hawk experience– assume Indiana Jones however, you know, Eastern– is just the right mix of goofiness as well as large activity.

Descent on.

Police Story IV (essentially) sees Chan taking part in numerous fights and feat sequences including a brawl involving a ladder that remains a sight to lay eyes on.

Authorities Story.

Pure motherflipping magic as Chan and his stunt group provide awesome scene after killer scene.

Grumble in the Bronx.

This was the first of Chan’s movies to obtain a re-edit as well as a big staged launch right here in the US, as well as not also the Weinsteins can surround its charms.

Rush Hour.

Chan’s initial huge Hollywood motion picture continues to be a fun blast of laughs and activity that play to nearly all of his staminas.

Shanghai Noontime.

Unsure why people hate on this one, however I’m a follower of its “Heavy traffic meets the Old West” antics.

Shinjuku Event.

There’s some activity here, but it’s likewise a heavy drama as Chan plays a Chinese immigrant dealing with amazing chances.


Chan is great in this informal 3rd Authorities Tale film, but the wow aspect belongs equally with the exciting Michelle Yeoh as the duo provide a lot of epic and amusing beat downs.

By Cary Grant

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