Dayvon Bennett, Better Know As King Von, Dies at 26

Dayvon Bennett, better known by his stage name King Von, was a 26-year-old Chicago rapper renowned for providing soundtrack to war-torn neighborhoods with confessional bars over hardened beats reminiscent of Herbo and Keef’s metal machine delivery.

First recognized in 2018, when Lil Durk signed him to his Only The Family imprint. Together they quickly found success creating music.

1. Crazy Story

Dayvon Bennett, better known by his nickname King Von, was an unconventional Chicago rapper. While his Only the Family cohorts provided cathartic songs that soothed war-ravaged neighborhoods with therapeutic tunes, Von focused more on storytelling that kept audiences riveted to his message.

REVOLT spoke with Joan Pabon of Blank Square Productions about their collaborative effort in making an impressive visual for the late emcee’s record “Demon.” Watch below for more!

2. Why He Told

King Von’s fluid storytelling style caught the attention of Chicago rapper Lil Durk, who signed him to his Only the Family label. From there he started recording prison-written rhymes to beats with realistic imagery that put him firmly within Chicago’s drill legacy.

He harnessed this strength across three critically-acclaimed mixtapes. His finest work included sparse melodies and drum beats that could either impose themselves upon listeners, or call upon its roots as dance music.

3. Took Her To The O

Von’s estate has announced the release of Grandson as his second posthumous album.

Chicago rapper Torae showcases his ability to craft more emotive tracks than just your typical “hoes gon’ be hoes” heartbreak rap song on this album that will inspire listeners to chase after their goals with determination and persistence. Additionally, this collection showcases more varied flows.

4. How It Go

King von autopsy was an exceptional individual who overcame many unfair circumstances to remain committed to giving back to O’Block, the neighborhood where he had grown up. A loving father and loyal friend, he placed care of others before himself.

Lil Durk quickly recognized his adept storytelling and signed him to his Only the Family label, where his 2018 single, “Crazy Story”, helped spread to wider audiences.

5. Armed & Dangerous

On this track, King Von tells a riveting tale of life in Chicago through skilled storytelling techniques and a modern sounding instrumental beat with subtle drum kicks.

Directed by Jerry Production, this video depicts Von in his suburban home and later playing basketball with fellow prisoners in jail – two scenes taken from his highly-acclaimed last project Welcome to O’Block.

6. Why He Told (Remix)

King Von made waves when he released his debut mixtape in 2018, solidifying himself as an up-and-coming storyteller.

He exploited the city’s post-drill framework, weaving street tales that were both menacing and sympathetic.

Joan Pabon of Blank Square Productions directed Von’s final video release before his passing: Demon. We caught up with Joan to learn about their working relationship and discuss creating this video together.

7. How It Go (Remix)

Reworking of the original, this visual takes cues from Crime Mob’s classic to capture its signature percussion and single-note melodies, while Von’s fierce flow and fiery verse paint a picture of revenge and bloodshed.

King Von was part of Chicago rap’s post-drill tradition, taking inspiration from Herbo and Bibby while creating his own distinct aesthetic in the genre. His songs feature narrative lyrics with hard edges balanced out by empathy and humor.

8. Took Her To The O (Remix)

Dayvon Daquan Bennett, better known by his stage name King Von, made waves in hip-hop upon winning a murder case and signing with Lil Durk and releasing two mix tapes.

“Took Her to the O” is one of his signature songs, boasting tough minor-key production and boasting of its protagonist’s confident tone as they recall a night on the town with a woman while fighting off rival gang members and haters.

9. Crazy Story (Remix)

Dayvon Bennett (also known as King Von) was one of hip hop’s most promising rising rappers when he was killed at 26 years old just years after beginning rapping.

Welcome to O’Block was an impressive showcase of his storytelling ability. His intricate narratives with their intricate details were delivered with a rapid pace that reminded listeners of some of the greatest story songs in street rap.

10. Why He Told (Remix)

Dayvon Bennett, better known by his stage name King Von, was shot and killed outside an Atlanta nightclub on March 4, 2020 just months after releasing his debut official studio album Welcome to O’Block, marking him as a fast-rising hometown rap star from the drill lineage.

Lil Durk noticed his narrative-style storytelling and signed him to his Only the Family label, where they released an infectious 2018 single called Crazy Story that quickly went viral. He was 26.

By Cary Grant

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