Automobile batteries contain toxins that are harmful to humans, animals, and the environment. Because of this, you cannot simply toss away your old car battery. Similarly, they cannot be disposed of in a landfill because the harmful substances could leach into the earth and contaminate the water supply.

Before a battery may be discarded or buried in a landfill, it must through a series of processes. However, these steps are somewhat involved, therefore we will not discuss them here. Instead, let’s discuss why you may need to dispose of your old battery.

  • It is damaged
  • No longer functional
  • Leakages

Regardless of the reason you need a new battery, the dilemma is what to do with the old one. These solutions may be helpful.


You will visit the local auto store to purchase a replacement automobile battery. Unless you are a car expert, you will want them to install the batteries as well. Typically, the workshop will install the batteries at no cost. They may request the return of your old battery and provide a little discount in exchange. Simply give them the battery and don’t worry about how to dispose of it. The proper disposal method for batteries is known by stores. You can purchase a new battery for less money and do not need to dispose of the old one.


There are recycling locations in the UAE. If you don’t feel comfortable delivering your old car battery to the store, take it to the nearest recycling center. Communicate with the boss and give them the batteries. They are aware of what to do with the battery and how to recycle it into other components. Indeed, this is their occupation. Approximately 90% of the battery can be recharged. Therefore, do everything you can to safeguard the environment and assist other businesses as well.

By Cary Grant

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