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Are you looking to become a professional photo editor, but don’t have access to a computer or laptop? This PixelLab Mod Apk will allow you to create images such as youtube thumbnails and Facebook channel art.

Professional editing is possible with the inclusion of background removal, perspective editing and multiple text options. App Holdings developed PixelLab in April 2015. PixelLab is a photo editing app that’s fully featured and available on Google Play. It has all the premium features you need to create and edit images.

PixelLab’s best feature is that you can use it without difficulty, even if you have just installed it. It’s so easy to use. You can use it free of charge, but you will have to accept pop-up ads and limited editing tools.

Today, however, we provide a direct link to the PixelLab Apk. This includes all the features. Continue reading to learn how PixelLab can be used for professional photo editing without the need for a photo editor.

What is PixelLab?

PixelLab is an Android-based professional photo editor. You can use it to edit photos, such as shadowing or 3D letters. You can add multiple photos to the program at once, and then write text.

Its  allows you to create and edit photos on your pc/Android. You can also change the background and add different fonts to your text. You will find a wide variety of features that will make your photos more interesting and practical.

We know that PixelLab was launched by App Holdings in April 2015. It has gained nearly 4M+ users in 3 years. This number continues to grow every day. pixellab mod apk currently has 10M+ downloaded and a 4.4/5 star rating on the Play Store, which shows how popular it is.

What is PixelLab Mod Apk?

PixelLab PRO Mod Apk a modified version (hacked), of the PixelLab – text on pictures app. It allows you to use all premium features such as shadowing effect and 3D shapes and letters. Mod version contains all the features.

  • All paid features can be unlocked. You can also get unwanted stuff removed.
  • From your android, create quotes on a picture
  • Take out the background.
  • Multiple text option
  • Use beautiful stickers
  • You can add 3D text to an image.
  • PixelLab Pro Apk offers many other features, but these are the most important.

You can also customize the fonts with over 100 base fonts. Shadows can be added to give depth, emboss letters to make them standout and even create reflection effects. Cool stickers, shapes and emojis are all possible.

PixelLab Pro Apk is the best app for students who want to do practical work and need all images on one page.

Features of Pixel Lab Mod Apk

PixelLab has many features that will help you edit images. You don’t need to know anything to edit an image. Simply open PixelLab Apk to learn how. These are the main features that I loved about this app.

These features will help you make a decision if you’re still unsure about downloading the modded apk.

Premium Features Unlocked

PixelLab offers a variety of fonts, stickers and emojis you can use for creating memes, Instagram covers, and Facebook covers.

Many of these features are available for free, but you will need a PixelLab premium subscription in order to have access. This modded PixelLab version allows you to access premium features for free.

All Ads Removed

  • Because advertisements are the main source for income for developers, every free application such as PixelLab is ad supported. These irrelevant ads can be very annoying when you’re doing your job.
  • The PixelLab premium apk has almost all ad placements removed to provide a better work environment.
  • Hundreds Of Exciting Fonts
  • You are looking for something professional? They have cute fonts and smart fonts. There are fonts that can add funny text to your dog’s picture.
  • PixelLab’s vast database contains any type of text that you can think of. The 3D text is placed on the image to highlight and show the text. This allows the viewer to easily see the text.
  • There are many emojis and cool stickers’ vodlocker to make your photo unique.
  • Professional Image Editing Tools
  • This is a trending tool for photo editing that creates a pixel effect in your photo. You can add different shapes to the photo or draw any shape you like.
  • For a more interactive and professional looking image, you can add cool stickers.

Export In Full HD Quality

Click the button of quick sharing to share or export your edited image. With a simple click, PixelLab allows you to share your image directly on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

PixelLab will create an image for you. If you share it, the image will be in its original format and size.

  • Some More Features
  • Premium image editing tools
  • Experience ad-free
  • You can save projects to be used later
  • Controls are easy to use

Last words

It is not easy to find an image editor that is user-friendly and easy to use. There are many advanced image editing programs available online, such as PicsArt and Adobe Photoshop. However, they are all difficult to use for newbies.

By Cary Grant

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