Some Key Factors That Influence Property Value

Real estate is generally recognized and valued as among Pakistan’s most rewarding investment options. It’s mostly due to the country’s rising property prices, which allow both short- and long-term speculators to reap large returns on their investments. Everyone in Pakistan is looking to get into the lucrative Pakistani property market. It’s possible, however, that it’s not as simple as it seems. Property values can vary for a variety of reasons. Because of this, before making an investment decision, you should know everything about what causes these shifts.

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Even if the placement of your present home is excellent for you, say, near your place of employment or your parents’ residence, appraisers still consider three factors when determining a home’s value.

  • The caliber of the schools in the immediate area.
  • Possibilities to find a job
  • The accessibility to commercial, leisure, and recreational facilities.

These considerations explain why certain communities have high prices while others a few kilometers away don’t. The closeness to motorways, utility poles, and public transportation can all affect the overall value. Even more significant than the size and quality of a home in determining its market value is the neighborhood in which it is located. Get the idea from the Park View City Islamabad Location.

Age and condition

Generally speaking, modern residences are valued higher than older ones. A buyer can save money by purchasing a home with updated plumbing, lighting, roof, and appliances systems. There is a long-term financial benefit to a 20-year guarantee on the roof, instead of an old house that may need its roof rebuilt shortly. For many purchasers, move-in-ready home is worth the price of admission. Because of this, most purchasers need inspection contingencies in their contract to discuss repairs to prevent any big costs after the sale. This is the reason for this.

Upgrades and Updates

To increase the worth of your property, particularly in older properties that may have obsolete amenities, it is important to make updates and modifications. On the other hand, not every home repair project is equal. The influence of a renovation or upgrade varies depending on the market you’re in and the value of your property. Installing a pool or hardwood floors tends to boost the value of a property more than a kitchen makeover or the addition of a full bathroom in a lower-priced home.

Sq ft and Garden Size

Consider the dimensions of your home and outside area when determining what you may expect to get for your property. When determining its value, agents will want to know how many square feet of living space exists in your property. This article’s elements, together with the lot size and the gardening condition, all contribute to a home’s cost per square foot. If the lawn is in poor condition or has space for renovation, sellers may wish to consider this when deciding on a price.


Would you ever consider purchasing a home in a region known for its high crime rate and volatile real estate market? Not at all. When it comes to safety, the placement of a home makes a huge difference. Gated communities are becoming increasingly common in Pakistan’s largest cities. Gated and guarded communities in Pakistan command a premium on the country’s real estate market. Furthermore, modern alarm and security devices offer peace of mind to both market participants because a safe house has a higher resale value than one that is not protected. We should mentioned here the Kingdom Valley Security.


As cities become more congested and the real estate market continues to climb, the achievement of high-rise and mixed-use complexes that promote sustainable urban growth is becoming increasingly popular. Plots are being replaced by high-rises and other prefabricated housing options as the primary source of real estate economic investment. When you’re informed of the aspects that affect the value of your property, it’s helpful to dismiss frequent home-selling blunders. When pricing your house, keep these variables in mind to attract potential buyers and avoid long periods on the list, which eventually cost money.

By Cary Grant

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