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The Canadian district of British Columbia lies between the Rocky Mountains as well as the Pacific Ocean. It is the western province as well as the 3rd most populous. British Columbia is known globally for keeping a high standard of living. The city of Vancouver is consistently provided among the best cities to function and live. The price of residing in British Columbia is remarkably high but the typical revenue is additionally fairly high. The mandatory minimum wage is $12.65. The complying with are the very best cities stay in British Columbia according to MoneySense.

10. Richmond, BC

Richmond is a residential area of Vancouver situated in southwestern British Columbia. It is significant for being the area of Vancouver’s international airport, the second-busiest airport terminal in Canada. Richmond places high for quality of life thanks to its eco-friendly space access along with its closeness to job chances in neighboring Vancouver.

9. North Saanich, BC

North Saanich lies 16 miles north of Victoria on the Saanich Peninsula. It consists of a mix of a rural and also urban atmosphere with property and agricultural tasks. It is a reasonably peaceful setting fit for young households and also retirees looking for to run away the stress of big cities without shedding the comfort of accessing good facilities and solution. With a population of simply 11,000, North Saanich, there are no jams and also their education and learning and also health services are of high requirement.

8. Oak Bay, BC

Oak Bay is found on the southern end of Vancouver Island. It is a seaside city of slightly less than 20,000 people. Oak Bay is a costly community with the price of living as well as the price of home always rising. On the favorable note, the environment is quiet and the neighborhood is social. The city outshines other cities in British Columbia in wide range, revenue, reduced taxes, access to high quality health care as well as education, weather condition, and the low level of criminal activity.

7. Vancouver, BC

The city of Vancouver is located in the Pacific West Coast. The city population is somewhat less than 700,000 but the cosmopolitan populace stands at regarding 2.4 million. It is the biggest city in the district and a vital harbor for export of Canadian goods to the US West Coast and Asia. Vancouver is always provided amongst one of the most expensive however livable cities around the world. The city’s status as the biggest in the province as well as the big population bring in work seekers as well as creates opportunities for others. As a modern-day city, Vancouver is well served by modern transportation framework consisting of highways as well as rails. This is why Vancouver attracts a lot of families to relocate in this city because of the abundance of opportunities it offers. In fact, there are a lot of families who are looking for homes for sale in Vancouver to start their new life in this city. 

6. West Vancouver, BC

West Vancouver is the richest area in the district. It is a residential community of a slightly more than 41,000 locals. West Vancouver is a costly place to own a home and also a little portion of the population can afford residential or commercial property within the area. For those with the extra dimes to invest, West Vancouver provides a peaceful family members oriented setting with reduced level of crime rates, no jams, high typical health care as well as education and learning, and a serene setting. The ordinary expense of property is $2,881,458. The average revenue stands at $209,629 is about three times the national standard.

5. North Vancouver, BC

The Area of North Vancouver is part of City Vancouver. The district covers 3 sides of the city of North Vancouver. It is the second richest area in the district after the bordering West Vancouver area. North Vancouver is an affluent area that is house to the top middle class and classy households. The Trans-Canada Freeway is the only considerable freeway that solutions through North Vancouver, nonetheless, numerous link roadways are offered to avoid jams. Education as well as health care services are amongst the best in the nation.

4. Delta, BC

Delta is lies at the delta of the Fraser River. It is house to approximately 110,000. Delta is located 17 miles from the city of Vancouver making it a favored home for the people that operate in the city. It is a quiet property city bordered naturally as well as the criminal activity degree is listed below the nationwide standard. The city takes pleasure in a light climate with moderately cold wintertime and also cozy summers. A network of roadways and also highways link delta to the rest of the nation while a city bus system supplies transport within the city. The typical income is $114,588 while unemployment stands at 4.3%.

3. Squamish, BC

Squamish in a village of approximately 21,000 people located along the Sea to Skies Highway. Recently, the town has actually ended up being popular with Whistler and Vancouver citizens running away the high expense of living. The environment is calm as well as beautiful with the sight of breathtaking mountains. Young family members choose the community due to the pleasant environment and the inexpensive of living. There are no jam, while education and also health services are of high criteria. The typical income is $108,238 while unemployment stands at 4.3%.

2. Whistler, BC

Whistler is a hotel community of around 13,000 people. The town receives a visitor population of about 1.5 million each year most of whom engage in snowboarding, towering winter sports, mountain biking, as well as camping. Whistler is constantly ranked amongst the globe’s top 5 ski destinations. The British Columbia Highway 99 and the railway attach the city to the outside world. The small resident populace takes pleasure in much better health care service as well as education and learning. The ordinary revenue is $116,362 while joblessness stands at 4.3%.

1. Ft St. John, BC

The City of Fort St. John is located in the northeastern part of the district. It is a lovely city of slightly greater than 20,000. The city’s economic situation is driven by the gas and oil sector. There are no traffic or long lines up for solution due to the small populace. Fort St. John is a blend of rural and also metropolitan atmosphere, the citizens reside in consistency with wildlife specifically elk as well as deer. The community is close and also friendly with the citizens always ready to help new immigrants. Area occasions such as ice-skating and also charity drive are held yearly. The typical revenue is $124,134 while the joblessness price stands at 5 percent.

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