Stress has become an inseparable part of human life in fast-paced scenarios. Not every individual has the exact coping mechanism. Some can cope more quickly than others because they are resilient enough to bounce back and continue with their priorities, but those who aren’t naturally able to manage artificial use mechanisms like smoking, drinking, or any other element to tackle stress. Individuals who often indulge in smoking suffer from cough, known as Smokers’ cough, which is caused when the body clears out the chemicals that enter the airways and lungs during smoking. When the cough becomes persistent, it lasts for more than three weeks; it is known as a smoker’s cough. In the initial stage, it begins as a dry cough and eventually produces phlegm, sore throat, and even chest pain in some cases. Such individuals are advised to consume smokers cough relief tablet, which provides relief.

During the process of smoke, the toxins from the surroundings and other chemicals slow the movement of the cilia, which are primarily indulged in filtering out toxins during inhaling and even reduce their length, allowing more toxins to enter the lungs, which often leads to inflammation. In such a situation, the body attempts to remove the substances by coughing. The coughing is harsh on waking up and often cause uneasiness. Consuming a smokers cough tablet can provide instant relief, but it is not a permanent solution. 

There are a few tips that smokers can follow to get rid of the cough and lead a healthy life: –

  • Quit Smoking – the first and foremost step essential step which should be taken is trying to quit smoking. It is pretty difficult to stop suddenly, but one can surely take one step at a time under the supervision and advice of an expert. The cough might persist for three months or longer, even after quitting, but that is how the body will clear out all the toxins. 
  • Exercise – it is a great way to expel the mucus that is stuck in the airways. Physical activities with breathing exercises can be done, which might help bring out the stuck toxins in the form of mucus. Thus, helping to clear out the breathing pathway. 
  • Consume Water – keeping oneself hydrated by consuming water time-to-time will help keep the cough in control and provide an easy pathway to breathe. It will also help remove toxins and chemicals by other means, clearing out all the harmful substances from the body.
  • Sleep with Head-Up Position – while sleeping, one should keep the head above the rest of the body, ensuring mucus doesn’t gather in the throat, which might cause coughing, and it will be difficult to sleep. One should also take care while waking up as instantly changing the position might also lead to continuous coughing again.
  • Avoid Alcohol or Caffeine Intake – if one suffers from a smoker’s cough, then intake of alcohol or caffeine should be avoided. The avoidance will help lessen the severity of the cough. Consuming coffee and alcohol can dehydrate and irritate, aggravating the cough, thereby enhancing the problem.

Thus, one should try to quit smoking at any cost to get rid of the disease, which will affect the quality of life of the individual and his family.

By Cary Grant

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