Top 7 Financial Planners in Vancouver, BC

Now is the time to start bunkering down on your money. With a recession looming globally 

having a financial planner is essential to keeping your wealth.

To assist in finding accredited certified planners, we have compiled a list of 

10 certified financial planners in the Vancouver, BC area.

Mobius Planning

Founded by Engineer-turned-advisor Bily Xiao, CFP & CKA has created one of the few fee-based financial planning companies in the market. Mobius Planning provides comprehensive financial planning and wealth management to clients across Canada. Specializing in financial planning, retirement planning, and investments.

To become a client, you must start thinking like a philanthropist. The owner has been seen in Money Sense, Forbes, and more, sharing the truth about philanthropic giving and wealth. 

The website states, “We work especially with those who have the heart to give and make a difference in the world—to steward and maximize their wealth so they can live well and give generously.

Another unique feature of their process is their openness not to pressure clients to work 

with them. Their six-step process includes those to “sleep on it” before making a decision to hire them. Making the process non-committal if you inquire. They service those who have over

$300,000 to manage.

Brenda St Louis CMC

Branded as the ‘Financial Therapist’, Brenda St. Louis is an Accredited Financial Counselor. 

Specializing in Financial Therapy or Trauma of Money Facilitator, and a Certified Financial Planner Candidate. She and her team are here to assist you in Rewiring Your Wealth.

With over two decades of hands-on experience in business and personal growth, she guides those to have a healthy, emotionally stable relationship with their finances. Brenda owns REWIRE, the company responsible for assisting average to high net-worth individuals living paycheck to paycheck and people that are emotionally challenged around money, to experience true peace, joy, and confidence in both their personal and financial lives.

MacMillan Estate Planning

A full-service estate planning firm. For over a quarter of a century, the firm has worked with many affluent families to design estate plans in person or virtually. MacMillan services clients all over the world, focusing on Canada, the U.S.A., and the United Kingdom.

MacMillan estate planning services include trust planning, will planning, business succession, tax planning, generational planning, protection of investments and other assets, guidance regarding probate, and charitable giving.

Estate plans done by this firm are charged at a flat rate, which is based on the completion 

of the estate plan within a one-year period.

DLD Financial Group

Based in downtown Vancouver, DLD Financial Group is a full service financial planning firm. 

Part of their specialty includes working with professionals and business owners.

According to the website, “We are building a business with a clientele that has reliability. 

We enjoy working with a select group of clients.” Taking the broad based approach, DLD prepares written financial plans for clients. Their goal is to focus on both sides of the balance sheet, assets & liabilities.

This firm is led by a partner team. David Drummond BA, CFP & Kelly Ho BA, CFP, 

CCS lead the team of associates and client coordinators. To work with the team clients have three options; pay an hourly fee, do a fee offset arrangement, or agree to commission only arrangement. This makes the firm flexible to work with.

Pacific Spirit

With decades of wealth management experience and in-depth expertise on investments, Pacific Spirit offers estate planning, taxes and insurance. Holding all the necessary professional designations such as CPA, CFA, and CFP.

Provides fee-only financial advice that is “never commission-motivated or influenced by parent company brands.” According to their site. 

This allows transparency between client and company with no biased product promotion.

Owner of the firm, John S. Clark holds an extensive background in the financial services industry. The company has a Portfolio Manager & Economist and 

Financial Analyst on staff to make proper valuations of financial plans.

Unicus Financial Services Ltd.

Owned by Sylvia Zheng operates out of British Columbia and Ontario. 

The main office is based out of British Columbia.

The company is contracted with Sun Life Financial Distributors (Canada) Inc., 

a member of Sun Life group of companies. Their Mutual funds are distributed by Sun Life Financial Investment Services (Canada) Inc.

The Unicus team offers financial planning that targets the client’s unique needs.

 It is noted that Unicus services young professionals, young families, or pre-retirees. The goal is to help those

identify and achieve their personal goals with insurance and wealth solutions. 

Focused on taking a holistic approach, Unicus takes the time to get to know each client.

Lycos Asset Management

Assisting those to spend little time picking or monitoring their investments, Lycos Asset Management gives clients the opportunity to do it alone or with the help of advisors.

Professionally managing portfolios on a discretionary basis. Lycos can pick the investments 

for you after a wealth plan is decided, such as growth or growth and income.

The firm is comprised of those who uphold the fiduciary responsibilities to the highest degree. Lycos’ site explains, “We are independent, not affiliated with 

institutions or products.” The company does leverage a fully transparent management fee structure and offers remote meeting options.

For corporations looking to find advisors, Lycos does disclose that their professional fee

 is deductible for cash and corporate accounts.

Vancouver, BC offers plenty of options if seeking independent or corporation-based financial planners. The top priority is to find the best advisor for your needs by simply getting brief consultations. Start by asking these 8 questions:

“what does a recession mean for my wealth plan?” “When should I enter the market?”

“Is now a good time to invest?”

“How bad will inflation get? Will it affect how I plan to use my money?” 

“How might current events impact my long-term goals?”

“How do I know when to sell, hold or buy? Or will you be managing that?” 

“What’s my risk in a down market?”

“How much worse will the markets get based on what you know?

By asking these questions it will allow you to gauge 

and compare who may be the best planner to work with.

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